1. Customer Responsibility

The Customer accepts responsibility for -

(a) Incompleteness or inaccuracy of information submitted to Smashing Strings, and any consequences related thereto.

(b) Delivering and collecting their racket/s punctually by appointment, and ensuring payment is made as requested.

(c) Observing such advice as Smashing Strings gives about use and care of any works performed on the racket/s.

2. Payment Terms

(a) The full price of all work is payable in advance.

(b) No racket will be returned to the customer until full payment for all work completed has been cleared.

(c) Smashing Strings accept payment by Cash only.

3. Cancellation and Refunds

(a) Cancellation of an order is possible providing that work has not commenced upon it.

(b) Refund of payment for an order once commenced is at the discretion of Smashing Strings. We reserve the right to charge a partial fee where some work has already been done.

(c) Should Smashing Strings, for reasons associated with the operation of its business, be unable to provide the service ordered, either in part or in full, the Customer shall receive a refund for the incomplete work.

4. Loss or Damage

(a) Smashing Strings will indemnify you against loss or damage to your racket
due to negligence on our part, for an individual racket value up to a maximum of £100, based upon the replacement cost (or repair, whichever is cheaper) of a racket of equivalent physical performance, age and condition. We do not recognise any additional value which may be attached to the racket by association e.g. rarity, antique value, special markings, use or accreditation by a professional player etc.

By agreeing to the stringing process, the customer acknowledges that there is a risk of damage to, or breakage of, the racket, which is not the fault of the stringer. Stringing is intrinsically dangerous to the racket. The higher the tension, and the older the racket, the more worn the racket, the greater the risk. Whilst modern carbon fibre/composite rackets are very resilient, faults or cracks may exist which only become apparent when the frame is placed under stress, and lead to catastrophic failure.

By agreeing to work on the racket, the Customer acknowledges that there is some risk to the racket appropriate to the level of work requested. Whilst every care is taken, work such as regripping or grommet replacement carries a small risk - handles can split or fall off, bottom caps can break, grommets can break inside the frame. If there is an unusually high risk to the racket, the stringer will inform the customer as soon as the risk becomes apparent.

(d) Smashing Strings reserve the right to restring new or unused rackets ONLY if the customer is able to provide a sales receipt from a reputable UK supplier. Counterfeit rackets (especially Yonex) are now appearing on the UK market which are indistinguishable from the real thing in all but quality, and represent a hazard to the safety of the stringer in the event that the racket shatters during the stringing process.

(e) Smashing Strings reserve the right to refuse to use a customer's own string if we suspect it is either counterfeit or substandard, since this can only harm our reputation.

5. Racket Works

(a) Each racket is closely inspected prior to any work being conducted upon it. If, in the opinion of Smashing Strings, there is any doubt about the integrity of the racket, or its ability to withstand a service requested (e.g. high tension stringing), or of its authenticity, Smashing Strings reserve the right to refuse to carry out either all or part of the service. At this point, the Customer will be contacted to discuss their options. If the Customer decides not to proceed with the service, the racket will be returned to the Customer.

(d) Any time or date stated by Smashing Strings for a service to be provided, or the turnaround of a racket, is an indication only, and is not guaranteed. If there is likely to be any unreasonable delay in provision of all or part of the service, Smashing Strings will contact the Customer to discuss their options.

(e) Whilst Smashing Strings will endeavour to deliver according to any agreement with the Customer, Smashing Strings will not be liable for either direct or indirect damages or losses associated with late delivery.

6. Returns

(a) Once a collection appointment has been made, rackets should be collected from our Contact Address within 30 minutes of the appointment time. If you unable to collect, please let us know and re-book your collection.

(b) We no longer offer a postal return service due to the high cost of insurance.

(c) At our discretion, Smashing Strings may elect to deliver the racket to the Customer.

(d) Rackets will be held for collection for a maximum of 12 months. After this period, your racket may be disposed of as we see fit.

7. Warranty

In addition to your statutory rights, Smashing Strings will, free of charge, repair or replace any material deliverables which become defective within a period of 3 months from the date on which the Customer is deemed to have taken delivery, under the following conditions:

(a) The defect is demonstrably due solely to faulty materials or workmanship on the part of Smashing Strings;

(b) The defect is in no way attributable to wear through normal use, or through mis-use, rough handling, unsuitable conditions of storage, alteration, repair or adjustment by the Customer;

(c) Smashing Strings are notified immediately of the problem;

(d) The racket is returned, with such component parts as are still intact, to Smashing Strings as soon as possible.

(e)  Smashing Strings decision on whether a repair or replacement will be performed under the terms of the Warranty is final, and possibly subject to examination of the racket by a third party suitably accredited by the UKRSA.

8. Warranty Exclusions

(a) Strings are NOT guaranteed against wear, breakage or loss of tension. So many factors combine (string type, initial string tension, skill and strength of the player, standard of play, court conditions, racket storage etc.) that it is impossible to predict how long a restring will remain satisfactory.

(b) Grips are NOT guaranteed against natural wear.

(c) Manufacturer's Logos etched onto the strings should be considered for temporary cosmetic purposes only. The logo will wear off at a rate consistent with the amount the racket is played with, and the type of string.

9. Limitations of Liability

Smashing Strings shall not be liable for direct or indirect, or for any consequential loss or damage, arising from either failure to deliver a service, or loss or damage to a Customer's racket, or failure of the racket or stringbed during play.

(a) The maximum liability of Smashing Strings for any one racket shall not exceed the cost of repair or replacement of the racket, to a limit of £150 per racket.

(b) Smashing Strings shall not be liable for any loss or damage or consequential loss or damage arising from circumstances outside its control.

10. The Contract of Sale and these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by English Law.

Update: August 2018

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